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Yamaha Battery Charger Lester Summit Series II 36-48V
Yamaha Battery Charger Lester Summit Series II 36-48V

Battery Charger Lester Summit Series II 36-48V Auto Ranging Voltage 13-27A Crowsfoot (BlueTooth) Yamaha # CGR-252

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Part Number:CGR-252
Yamaha 36- Golf Carts
Lester Summit Series II Battery Charger 650W 36/48V With Crows Foot 2-Blade DC Plug With 8.5 Ft. DC Cord

Recommended For:         All 36 & 48 volt golf carts that take the two-blade crowfoot plug - Need to Check Your Golf Cart? 
Model:        Lester Electrical Summit Series 36V-48V / 30600G01ANDS00B2 / 30600
Condition:         New
Charger Type:        Fully automatic charger (stops charging once golfcart batteries fully equalize)
Battery Type:        Factory preset for deep-cycle lead-acid batteries, but can be user configured for AGM batteries
AC Input:        100-230 VAC, 50-60 Hertz (Hz) input (works in any country in the world)
DC Watts:        650 watt
DC Voltage:        Autochanges to 36 or 48 volts
DC Charge Rate:        18 amp (18 amps is the standard for 36-48V golf carts)
Weight:        8 pounds
Manufactured:        100% assembled in the U.S.A. (Lincoln, Nebraska)
Dimensions:        L 11.3" x W 7.2" x H 3.7"
Storage Mode:        Includes an advanced winter storage mode feature (similar to a trickle/tender charger)
Replaces:        Lestronic 2, Lestermatic, Delta Q, Schumacher, Eagle DualPro, DPI, Accusense, Accupower
Replaces:        E-Series, Thunderbull, Stanley, LVS, Schauer, Clarke, Quick Charge, Mad Jax
Replaces OEM#:        16160-G1, 16160G1, 16160-G2, 16160G2, 16160G3, 16160-G3, 18495-G1, 25970-A01, 25970-01
Replaces OEM#:        9611, 18495G1, 25940, 36LC25T12, 07850, 7850, 9655, 9700, 14100, 14100-01, 1011885
Replaces OEM#:        13800, 14000, 14800, 16500, 536r, 28090-01, 28080, 25970
Water Resistant:        Includes a sealed aluminum enclosure that is resistant to rain & snow
Owner's Manual:        Lester Electrical Owner's Manual - Summit II Model 30600
Bluetooth App:        Lester Bluetooth App Instructions For Apple & Android
Additional Info:        Lester Summit Series II Next Generation Information Sheet
Product Includes:        Golf cart battery charger, 9 foot cables & a 2-blade molded claw foot connector

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